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ABOUT | Making the World's Best Cream Puff

A long time ago, there was a small bakery in Osaka, Japan.  The store was small, but everyone knew about it and loved the delightful sweets that filled the town with a pleasant aroma.  Everyone also loved the head baker, who always wore a smile on his face and was called Beard Papa after his fluffy, white beard.

Beard Papa baked all day and night to keep the townspeople happy, because nothing made his day more than seeing everyone enjoying his baked goods.  One day, a group of children visited his store and asked, “When are you going to come up with a new treat?  All of us can’t wait for you to work more magic in the kitchen!”  When Beard Papa heard this, he knew he had to think of something quickly.  He could not let the townspeople down, and he wanted to surprise everyone with the best pastry they’ve ever had.  Beard Papa thought and thought.  Then, as he stroke his fluffy white beard, it suddenly hit him.  “I’ve got it!  My fluffy beard.  I’m going to make an original recipe for cream puffs that are just as fluffy and lovable as my beard!  They don’t call me Beard Papa for nothing.”

The next day, Beard Papa started to enthusiastically bake away, making small balls of dough and puffing them up in his oven.  He successfully perfected his craft by making a double layered puff--choux on the inside, and pie crust on the outside.  Then, he proceeded to make the perfect filling, made with a mixture of whipped cream and vanilla custard cream.  The townspeople were delighted with this new treat, and to this day, Beard Papa’s stores use this recipe to put smiles on customers’ faces.

Our Company

Making the World’s Best Cream Puff Beard Papa’s is owned and operated by Muginoho International, Inc. with its principle business address office in Torrance California. Muginoho means “wheat ear” in Japanese, and similar to what we are named after, we stand strong through any circumstance to provide the best products.  There are 390+ Beard Papa’s stores across the globe(as of Jan.2018).  Our loyal fans have helped make Beard Papa’s an iconic household name, known throughout the world for the freshest, flakiest, and most delicious cream puffs.

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